Government & Utilities

At CSDS we understand that local government and utilities are faced with challenges like never before in solving today’s needs around aging infrastructure, growing populations, resource scarcity, and climate initiatives, all the while needing to deliver on time and on budget. While similar surveying and mapping equipment is used in private industry, the workflow, deliverables, and need for integrated data vary tremendously. This is why we have created industry-focused teams within CSDS to specifically address the needs of our customers. Our new Government and Utilities team is comprised of professionals uniquely qualified to consult, advise, and deliver solutions for your business, whether you represent surveying, planning, GIS, engineering, infrastructure, public works, construction, operations, or maintenance. Industry-leading hardware and software from Trimble, Radio Detection, and other vendors, combined with our professional services team, will ensure your success on every project.


Trimble's deep understanding of the challenges facing the utility industry drives us to deliver technology solutions that enable our customers to address these challenges head on.

  • Backlogs in GIS and as-built map updates
  • Lack of access to accurate asset location and data in the field
  • Inefficient processes for locating hard to find assets
  • Insufficient asset condition or maintenance record due to lack of asset inventory


Trimble’s high accuracy GNSS receivers in combination with our utility data collection software deliver a robust data collection solution to improve the quality and accuracy of your GIS data. It allows utility operators to plan, manage and dispatch data collection jobs. It also allows field users using Trimble's mobile applications to perform work, gather authoritative asset information, record accurate 3D GNSS positions and capture photos.

Improve As-built mapping workflow and reduce GIS update backlogs

  • Efficient data collection workflow
  • Capture accurate 3D positions
  • Locate hard-to-find assets
  • Keep GIS up-to-date and accurate

Digital Mapping & Data Collection

Challenges in capturing the digital twin of your network

► Paper-based documentation

► Poor data quality

► Inaccurate GIS mapping

► Aging Infrastructure

► Aging workforce

► Regulatory Pressures


Trimble's field-ready solutions for high accuracy 2D and 3D asset mapping and locating of electric transmission and distribution utility assets to build the digital twin of your network. Trimble GNSS hardware, smartphones, and tablets are designed to support industry requirements for asset management, smart metering and field service operations.

Benefits of Using Trimble Solutions for Digital Mapping & Data Collection

► Standardize and streamline data collection workflow

► Capture accurate 3D positions

► Locate hard-to-find assets

► Keep GIS up-to-date and accurate

► Eliminate inefficient paper-based workflows

► Use ruggedized Trimble mobile devices the handle the extreme field environments

► Use ruggedized Trimble mobile devices the handle the extreme field environments

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