Map It Your Way

with the new RD8200SG Survey Grade Locator

Locate and map buried utilities in a single operation.

Now, you have options to easily locate and map buried utilities with incredible precision, all in a single operation.

  • Integrate mapping into utility locating procedures seamlessly.
  • Incorporate utility locating into mapping procedures effortlessly.
  • Unlock the flexibility to work with the system that best caters to your business needs.
Land surveyor with RD8200SG at construction site

Choose How You Want To Map

Upgrade to the new RD8200SG Survey Grade Locator

The RD8200SG is the most advanced locator that combines mapping and utility locating. With its unparalleled precision, users can now accurately map buried utilities with survey-grade accuracy.

The RD8200SG effortlessly integrates with your preferred system, empowering you to confidently handle the challenges of your work environment.

  • Designed to effortlessly integrate with multiple mobile mapping applications, providing survey-grade accuracy with any third-party mapping apps you prefer.
  • Works with CSDS’s RTN Virtual Reference Station Network which gives users exceptional precision, fast initialization, and the largest coverage area in the Western United States.
  • Use it with any widely compatible Android phone, tablet, or any existing device.
  • It supports industry-standard file formats that you can use with your mapping software, making it easy to get started.


  • Achieve high-accuracy.
  • Lightweight and ergonomic.
  • Advanced rugged design to combat harsh weather conditions and temperatures.
  • Engineered and built to the highest standards.
woman surveyor with RD8200SG
Male land surveyor with RD8200SG and RDMap

Don't need a new locator?

Integrate mobile mapping technology features to your current locator

Utilize the Trimble Catalyst DA2 GNSS Receiver Kit, to obtain high-accuracy positions in more locations.

  • The DA2 provides Trimble precision and position quality to any location-enabled workflow, ensuring increased accuracy and reliability.

Incorporate positional data into your survey measurements.

  • Combine Trimble Catalyst and the DA2 GNSS Receiver to access precise positioning workflows on your Android or iOS device. Map assets at high-accurate levels all from any location-enabled app.

Create detailed maps in real-time.

  • TerraFlow is the ultimate choice for utility mapping software in the industry today. Renowned for its unparalleled configurability and flexibility, TerraFlow integrates directly with high-accuracy GNSS (GPS) positioning systems and utility locate sets by Radiodetection. Its one-click mapping technology captures all spatial information simultaneously, streamlining process while improving accuracy.
Trimble Catalyst antenna paired with TerraFlow Geomatics

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