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Contract Terms and Conditions

Service Calls: CSDS will provide service during normal business hours (8:30 AM to 5:00 PM) Monday through Friday excluding statutory holidays. Service will be provided at customer’s location provided it is within CSDS's normal service area. Includes all necessary service parts, service labor and travel. All parts that are replaced as part of this service agreement become the property of CSDS.

Conditions: A pre-inspection of any equipment previously delivered and not currently covered under warranty, or an existing CSDS service contract is required prior to purchase of a service agreement. Charges incurred for this inspection including actions required to bring the equipment within original operating specifications will be charged at current service rates.

Exclusions: This Contract does not cover the following:

  • Failures because of software not supplied by CSDS. Electrical work or utility changes external to the equipment. Maintenance of accessories, customer alterations, attachments or other devices not specified in this agreement.
  • Supplies necessary to operate, test, and troubleshoot the equipment.
  • Maintenance, cleaning, lubrication, and normal operator adjustments as outlined in the Operator Manual.
  • Items of a consumable, expendable or non-standard nature, including but not limited to vinyls, paper products, inks, RIP’s, computer networks, SMK#1, #2 or #3, and the like, maintenance kits, printheads, ink, developer, toner and media, scanner calibration sheets, glass and platen. Additional accessories such as networking devices, routers, etc. unless specifically itemized in the contract.
  • Malfunctions resulting from damage due to abnormal operating conditions, electrical supply problems, misuse, negligence, operator error, service of equipment by non-CSDS personnel, or any failure resulting from using equipment beyond its normal operating specifications. Malfunctions resulting from the use of paper, toner, ink cartridges, parts and/or accessories not specified by CSDS or the manufacturer. CSDS is not responsible for any service or maintenance of equipment as a result of customer relocation of equipment from its previously installed location.
  • All services for equipment relocation must be arranged with CSDS prior to equipment move and will be billed at current service rates. At the request of the customer, CSDS may at its option provide the additional services listed above at CSDS's current service rates.

Liabilities: CSDS shall not be liable for any special incidental or consequential damages, including damages for lost profits or loss of opportunity nor for any failure or delay in furnishing labor or materials, by reason of acts of God, strikes, fire, transportation delays, or any other reason beyond CSDS control. CSDS shall not be liable for failure or malfunction of equipment other than equipment specified in this Service Agreement.

Responsibility of Customer: Customer shall provide at no charge, the equipment to be serviced, required system time with ready access, adequate working space and power outlets for use by service personnel. Software and driver maintenance is the responsibility of the customer. Upgrading, reinstalling or additional training of Software or drivers is not covered but can be purchased on an as-needed basis provided CSDS has availability.

Termination: CSDS reserves the right to cancel this agreement at the end of the term. CSDS may terminate the Service Agreement at any time without notice in the event that the equipment is modified, damaged or altered without written approval of CSDS. If CSDS changes any term or increases the price of this contract either party may terminate this agreement on the effective date of that change. CSDS may also terminate at any time without notice as a result of any breach by the customer of this agreement including default of payment.

All terminations by customer require no less than thirty (30) days written notice prior to the existing contract expiry date. Termination of this contract at any time before the expiration date of the contract will result in a Cancellation Fee which is payable immediately by the customer.

Payment: Service Agreement charges are invoiced in advance and are payable upon receipt of invoice. Service invoices MUST be kept current, or services shall be withheld.